Are you a business owner wanting to get more clients & level up your success?

(From the comfort of your own home...)

Are you ready to get on more stages– including TEDx?

(So you can be an influencer and have clients find you...)

Do you wonder why "some people" have all the success?

(And secretly wish it was you...)

You are perfect for this group if...

  • You are an entrepreneurial woman who is making 6 figures+ or, breaking into 6 figures.

  • You feel compelled to lead, influence, inform and inspire.


  • You are a timid leader or introvert– you are brilliant at your business but hate speaking up.


  • You work alone and would benefit from a supportive group of other like-minded professionals to collaborate with.​

  • Feelings of imposter syndrome, low self-esteem sometimes hold you back from leveling up.

  • You have limiting beliefs about the money you can make or the success you can have.

  • You want to be seen as the credible expert in your field.

  • When you were younger you were sometimes told you talked too much or you were talked over.

  • You want to stop people pleasing and worrying what people say or think.


  • You are ready to establish boundaries in your relationships.

  • You sometimes struggle to be taken seriously.

  • You are ready to be an influencer & leave a legacy!




What participants Say... 

“Be seen as an influencer in your industry”

“Streamline the path to speaking"


"Get invited to TEDx stages"

"Confidence to push through fear"

 “Have an advantage in your market”

 “Make your competition irrelevant”


Benefits PTC Level Up

"Help seat" coaching 

Peer to peer counseling

Engage and collaborate with a select group of supportive, like-minded women


Be STAGE & TEDx confident!


Dara's clients say...


"I was so impressed with the details and the quality of Dara's coaching — full of practical and useful advice. She not only helped me be a more confident and empowered woman, she was personable and professional and filled with knowledge and wisdom.

I highly recommend Dara!!!"

   Tana Hope   



"I came to Dara so that I could come from a place of power and confidence. She was great! She helped me to re-frame my mindset and provided tangible advice that I could immediately implement. She is an absolute professional and truly empowering to work with.

Thank you, Dara!"

   Aurora Bataclan   



"THANK YOU DARA for doing the work that you do! For anyone who doesn’t know you — they need to know that you easily connect with women at any age, you are FUN and professional. I highly recommend you. You are passionate about what you do and truly inspiring."
   Heidi Emerson   

Are you ready for PTC Level Up?


Do you meet these requirements?

  1. You have completed 2 months of private coaching with Dara.

  2. You have an abundance mindset– money flows easily and effortlessly to you.

  3. You are ready, willing, and able to commit to a 12-month group coaching program


If yes, join my inner circle and Level Up your confidence and success!

Only 8 women are invited to this group.

"I guarantee when you show up and do the work you will see incredible results."


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THE FIRST FIVE WOMEN who register for the PTC Level Up mastermind will receive THREE

one-on-one, one-hour sessions with Dara.

You will also receive! As one of the first five members of the PTC Level Up mastermind, you'll receive the Jerky Johnny work-book.


That's a $2,000 saving!