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Watch this first!

Isn't it time your voice & your message is heard?

"I guarantee when you show up and do the work you will see incredible results." ~ Dara

Are you ready to influence others? 


Master the mindset of highly successful professional speakers and demolish fear so you speak with unshakable confidence at every meeting, on every sales call, on every stage- every time! 

Do you sometimes feel that you are not heard or memorable when speaking?

Learn to speak with head-turning confidence so that you make an impression and influence others!  

Do you dream of taking your message to paid stages or TEDx?

Master the art of public speaking and use Dara's strategy to launch into professional speaking or pitch TEDx! 

15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Coach: 

1. Do you specialize in working with entrepreneurs or corporate clients?

Dara has worked in corporate for several years and was frustrated her voice was not heard– that's what prompted her to start her business 20 years ago. She knows how to help both entrepreneurs and corporate professionals Speak with Impact.

2. Is the coaching content designed to suit different learning styles?

Dara is an easy to work with expert who will meet you where you are. Are you a fast-paced action taker...? Dara will give you specific tasks between your calls so that you are challenged. Prefer to take it slower...?  Dara will break down the content into easy-to-follow steps so that you do not feel overwhelmed. 

3. Does the training include built-in follow-up and accountability?

Yes! As part of being a one-on-one consulting client with Dara, you get 6-months of follow-up support to ask any question. Want to know how to pitch an event, need another set of eyes to review your speech, not sure what story to include in your presentation? 

No problem! Dara offers you support after your time together to Guarantee your success.


4. Is there an online component that accompanies the training that is available 24/7? Every client gets access to Dara's personal library of expert videos in DaraConnolly.CLUB.

5. Will I learn situational strategies in addition to personal skills? 

Your individual consulting program is designed to serve you. If you need more help speaking at meetings, closing sales calls, or pitching curators– (or all 3!) your individual consulting strategy will be designed for you to have the most success.

6. Is your coaching designed for all-level speakers?

Dara caters to speakers of all levels from novices to pros who are looking to Speak with Impact or get on paid stages.

7. Is the coach a TEDx or a paid speaker themselves?

Dara is a (4x invited) TEDxSanFrancisco and professional speaker who has consulted thousands of clients to speak with impact. 

8. How current or fresh is the content I will be learning?

Dara is an active member of NSA (National Speakers Assoc.) and attends regular speaker masterminds to stay current on industry trends so that you get the most relevant content.

9. Will I get access to a complete library of templates and tools? 

Dara provides you with templates and tools to support you along the way. One of the benefits of working with Dara is that you get access to her personal contacts in the industry.

10. Will I be coached by a proven, certified public speaker and coach? 

Dara is a speaking professional who is endorsed by many professional organizations and a proven mentor (see her list of endorsements on the About page).

11. Does the mentor have lots of verifiable client success stories? 

Dara has worked with thousands of clients. You can view testimonials throughout this website and read her reviews on Google, and LinkedIn.

12. Do I have access to ongoing support between calls? 

That's what makes working with Dara so special! As a client, you get unlimited support in between your calls and for 6 months after your consulting ends.

13. Will I get some "done for you"  services, not just coaching alone?

As a client, you will receive Dara's list of personal contacts in the industry so that you have a competitive advantage over other speakers looking for paid gigs.

14. Will there be any hidden charges or fees once I enroll?

There are zero additional fees to your consulting contract.

15. Does the company qualify clients or will they work with anyone?

Dara's consulting is very popular and limited to just 2 clients per month. She qualifies all inquiries before working together and has been known to turn clients away who would not benefit from her services.

Contact Dara below to learn more.




Dara Connolly has been recognized as one of the fastest growing motivational speakers who provides a content-rich experience that will  leave you or your audience ready to speak with impact.

If you are serious about working with a highly engaging speaker & transformational consultant who will hold your hand and show you how you can speak with impact– to any audience– you are going to want to work with Dara.

She dares ya! ;)



Dara's small group live coaching will provide you with skills to speak at meetings, on sales calls, and on stage with impact.  You are a perfect  fit for this course if you:

  • Feel your voice is not heard at meetings

  • Want to influence clients and close more sales   

  • Stress giving presentations- learn how to organize a speech, memorize without slides, what story to tell

  • Want to grow your influence but have a low budget

Ready to take action? Join Dara's Speak with Impact for Corporate Professionals course - she dares ya! ;)

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