Women, are you ready for real solutions?

A personal confidence coach is a  practical and straightforward guide to reach you beyond your current potential. Dara Connolly is a coach who is endorsed by therapists and is passionate about empowering you. Available to ages 18+.
An introvert her entire life, Dara learned that with confidence, clear goals, and proper coaching, you can attract the right people and opportunities towards you. Make your wildest dreams a reality!
Welcome from Dara
Welcome from Dara
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If you are excited about making dramatic changes to your life, personal coaching with Dara Connolly is beneficial for any woman over age 18.


Dara helps you crush self-limiting beliefs, get the pay you deserve, and go for the life of your dreams.



Imagine bringing the dreams, talents, and ideas that are inside of you to the world! Dara will teach you to crush imposter syndrome, "Flip Fear", & break through old patterns.


Whether it's getting the pay you deserve, starting a new career, or ending an unhealthy relationship– it's time to reach outside your comfort zone & get the life you truly want. 


Live Confident



When you exude confidence, your energy radiates and you attract the right opportunities and positive people to you.

Learn the tools to demonstrate confidence to be seen as a respected leader who is paid more.

To learn more about Dara's powerful speech coaching to tweak your upcoming presentation click here.



Dara is a certified Black Belt instructor who for many years taught women practical skills to repel corporate sexism, bullying, and harassment.

Learn how to set boundaries in your relationships, set a firm "no"  that gets everyone to listen, and prevent abusers from targeting you.

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