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Are you ready for real solutions?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and not seeing results? Have you tried other programs and felt frustrated that your voice is not head? Are you ready for real change?
Dara Connolly lived without finding her voice for most of her life. She let opportunities pass her by, bullies speak over her, and fear consume her day after day. After many years of struggling and trying different programs, she felt frustrated.
She eventually developed her own system (PTC, Positive Transformational Confidence™) that literally changed her life. PTC is a new and proven system with effective, repeatable results designed specifically to help women. Over the years, Dara noticed more and more women were interested in her coaching. She has trained thousands of women to communicate effectively, be seen as a respected woman of influence, and speak with impact. You will want to check out some of the testimonials throughout this website because they are off the charts and totally true.

Dara is bringing her award-winning coaching program that is endorsed by therapists nationwide to you (online) on a limited basis.  She is passionate about her work and dives deep into helping each of her clients and for that reason, her coaching is limited on a first come first serve basis. 
When you work with Dara, you get a practical and straightforward guide to support you, cheer you on, and work with you as you reach beyond your current potential.  With clear goals and proper coaching you will learn how to communicate with power, confidence, and speak so others listen.  Dara is an understanding coach who is easy to work with and resonates with your concerns. She knows that you can experience transformation the way she did and many of her clients have as well. You simply have to take the first step– if she can do it you can too! Available to women ages 18+.

Contact Dara below and book a time to speak with her.

"I guarantee when you show up and do the work you will see incredible results."– Dara
FREE Phone Consultation

If you are excited about making dramatic changes to your life, personal confidence coaching with Dara Connolly is beneficial for any woman over age 18.


Dara helps you crush self-limiting beliefs, speak with confidence, and go for the life of your dreams.

Speak to Dara for a free 15-minute inquiry call by clicking below now.

Small Group Coaching

Most new speakers struggle because they don't know the right strategy to get on stage and don't have a support system.


Whether you want to challenge yourself to speak on TEDx or begin speaking professionally, joining Dara's inner circle will give you the greatest advantage. 

Dara will give you expert secrets of the industry, access to her coaches and one on one help. Her Accelerator is a great place to start. Are you ready to see results? Join us!

Pick Dara's Brain 

When you want to work with an expert but your finances are limited–

Dara created a new club with exclusive content. 

Need help preparing for a presentation, not sure how to publish your book, confused on how to apply to TEDx?

Dara's club offers specialized coaching with new videos each week at an affordable low price.  


Click below  & begin! 

Private Coaching with Dara

Imagine bringing the dreams, talents, and ideas that are inside of you to the world!


When you are ready to take the first step towards your unlimited potential, Dara will help you break through to success.


Whether it's preparing for an upcoming presentation, speaking with confidence at work, or learning how to become a professional speaker– it is time to reach outside your comfort zone & get the life you truly want.  Learn how Dara can help you.

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