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Are you tired of getting talked over, mansplained, or ignored?
(And ready to have other's listen when you speak...)

Isn't it time you are seen & paid as the expert in the room?
(So you can never be disrespected again...)

Do you want a proven system so others respect you?
(And be seen, heard, remembered– every time...) 

You are perfect for this new group if...

  • You are a woman who is making 6 figures+ or, breaking into 6 figures

  • You work in a male-dominated or service industry and are tired of feeling invisible


  • You sometimes struggle to be taken seriously​​

  • You are ready to shed feelings of fear, impostor syndrome, rejection, retaliation, or low self-esteem 

  • You are ready to shut down work-place sexism, bullying, or harassment once and for all

  • You are a busy professional who wants a supportive group of other like-minded professionals to collaborate with

  • You are tired of being ignored and are ready to feel seen, heard & respected at all times!

What participants Say... 

“I'm now noticed and heard at meetings”

"I have started setting boundaries and notice others are abiding"

 “I finally received the pay I deserve”


Benefits PTC Level Up

Professional Development training your company can pay for (ask Dara for a corporate reimbursement letter)


"Help seat" coaching 

Executive roundtable– peer to peer support

Group mentoring

Engage and collaborate with a select group of supportive, like-minded women


Be TEDx confident!

Get reimbursed by your company for your Professional Development


Dara's clients are saying...


"I was so impressed with the details and the quality of Dara's coaching — full of practical and useful advice. She not only helped me be a more confident and empowered woman, she was personable and professional and filled with knowledge and wisdom.

I highly recommend Dara!!!"

   Tana Hope   



"I came to Dara so that I could come from a place of power and confidence. She was great! She helped me to re-frame my mindset and provided tangible advice that I could immediately implement. She is an absolute professional and truly empowering to work with.

Thank you, Dara!"

   Aurora Bataclan   



"THANK YOU DARA for doing the work that you do! For anyone who doesn’t know you — they need to know that you easily connect with women at any age, you are FUN and professional. I highly recommend you. You are passionate about what you do and truly inspiring."
   Heidi Emerson   

Are you ready for PTC Level Up?


Do you meet these requirements?

1. You have completed a private coaching session with Dara.

2. You have an abundance mindset– money flows easily and effortlessly to you.

3. You are ready, willing, and able to commit to a 12-month group coaching program.

If yes, join my inner circle and Level Up your confidence and success!

Only 8 women are invited to this group.

Watch this quick video before scheduling your call with Dara to be sure you are eligible for this exclusive coaching program...

"I guarantee when you show up and do the work you will see incredible results." ~ Dara

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