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Dara's Mastermind Trial 

Congrats! You are welcome to a special 7-day FREE trial to my Mastermind!

You are perfect for this group if:

  • You are ready to speak with impact

  • You have a hard time saying "no"

  • You sometimes play small or let fear hold you back

  • You want to stop people-pleasing 

  • You have a hard time putting yourself first

  • You are ready to be seen, heard, respected, & remembered!

Our group is held Tuesdays 12-1 PST​

Meetings will be facilitated by Dara Connolly, an understanding and easy to work with confidence coach who cares about your transformation. Dara is known for her positive and light approach- she guarantees you will laugh in this group!

Coaching with Dara begins at several thousands of dollars. You can access Dara Connolly for1 hour each week in this fun Mastermind– and you get 7 days FREE!  

In order to hold your space, we collect your credit card info to be sure you show up. Note, you will not be charged at this time. There is no charge for no-shows and your subscription begins at the low rate below on day 7. Of course you can cancel anytime. Prices are subject to change but by joining today you lock-in your low deal.

Yes! I want to begin my 7-day Free trial to Dara's Mastermind!

  • FREE! then just

    Every month
    Fearless Confidence is waiting for you- Begin now!
     7 day free trial
    • Fun, small group coaching with Dara
    • Supportive peer group
    • Exclusive member benefits
    • Private FB group

Once you register, Dara will email you her private Zoom link. All you have to do is show up to our fun and lively sessions! See you soon!

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