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Dara Connolly. TEDx Speaker. Author. Daring Speaker Consultant.

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Each week I film a New practical 10-minute video to help you be an impactful Speaker and successful Influencer.  After 7 days you can continue or cancel your membership. I made it super affordable– less than $1/day; cancel any time.

Examples of Topics

1 ~ How to be a Professional Speaker, Get Gigs, Get on TEDx

  • Overcoming Stage-fright and On-Stage Nerves

  • Honing Your Message

  • Developing Your Story

  • How to Create the Perfect Pitch

  • How to Apply for TEDx and what curators look for

2 ~ How to Build  Business of Speaking

  • 6 Questions Every Speaker Must Answer

  • How to turn your Podcast/Speech into a Book & vise versa

  • How to build the Business of Speaking

  • Refurbish Your Content

  • Monetizing Your Message

3 ~ How to Speak with Impact

  • Everyday Assertiveness

  • Speak to be Heard in any Setting

  • Handling Narcissists and Gas-lighters

  • Speaking with Confidence to Close Sales Calls

  • Confident Body Language that will Change Your Life

4 ~ Speak to Influence Others

  • Speak with Head-Turning Confidence

  • Be Heard in the Workplace

  • Speak with Impact  even with Impostor Syndrome

  • Overcome Procrastination, Worry, Self-Doubt

  • Reset Your Mind for Transformational Success

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