Positive Transformational Confidence™


This training is ideal for...


Professional Women 

Entrepreneurial Women


who is ready to exude confidence and 

see a transformation in her life!




You will learn the top steps from Dara’s Positive Transformational Confidence™ program:


  1. Discover the habits of highly confident people — attract money and opportunities to you, and have an advantage over others.

  2. Begin the 3-step process of getting paid well for your value.

  3. Demonstrate the skills for assertive communication — speak to be heard and get others to listen.

  4. Exude the ultimate body language magnetism — when you walk into a room other’s notice and are drawn to you.

  5. Develop effective boundaries— learn to say NO where you would normally say yes and be treated with respect.

Benefit — Live Coaching with Dara!


"I was so impressed with the details and the quality of Dara's coaching — full of practical and useful advice. She not only helped me be a more confident and empowered woman, she was personable and professional and filled with knowledge and wisdom. I highly recommend Dara!!!"

   Tana Hope   



"I came to Dara so that I could come from a place of power and confidence. She was great! She helped me to re-frame my mindset and provided tangible advice that I could immediately implement. She is an absolute professional and truly empowering to work with. Thank you, Dara!"

   Aurora Bataclan   



"THANK YOU DARA for doing the work that you do! For anyone who doesn’t know you — they need to know that you easily connect with women at any age, you are FUN and professional. I highly recommend you. You are passionate about what you do and truly inspiring."
   Heidi Emerson   

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and not seeing results?

Have you tried other programs and felt frustrated that nothing has changed?

Do you feel exhausted, resentful, and ready for change?

About Dara

Dara lived without confidence or finding her voice for most of her life. She let opportunities pass her by, bullies talk over her, fear consume her day after day.


After many years of struggling and trying different programs, she felt frustrated. She eventually developed her own system, 10 Step Positive Transformational Confidence™ that is effective and designed specifically to help women.


Over the years, she noticed more and more women were interested in her coaching. She has trained thousands of women to communicate effectively, get the pay they deserve, and eliminate fear from their life. You will want to check out some of the testimonials throughout this website because they are off the charts and totally true.


Dara is bringing her coaching program to you for a really affordable price. She is passionate about her work and wants to help more women and does not want anyone to not seek help due to price. She knows that you can experience transformation the way she did and many of her past clients have. If she can do it so can you!

When you work with Dara, you get a practical and straightforward guide to cheer you on and work with you as you reach beyond your current potential.  With clear goals and proper coaching, you can attract the right people, money, and opportunities to you.


Dara is a coach endorsed by therapists

and ready to work with you!









Available to ages 18+

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