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"Start Here" new Welcome Vid from Dara

Isn't it time You demolished fear/imposter syndrome

and exuded unshakable Confidence?







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"Start Up Mastermind" (this will take them to current MM page)

Ideal for network marketers, saleswomen, entrepreneurs

Attract money & clients to you

Learn about new profit sources

Access to weekly MM calls with Dara

Supportive group to collaborate with

Guaranteed to boost sales!


BOX "Private Consulting" links to 

"Personal consulting/coaching is the fastest path to effortless success!"


BOX for "Level Up"

This VIP group is Ideal for high-earning women making 6+ figures or breaking through 6 figures who feel ignored, talked over, held back by fear or lack of confidence

Just enter your email & take  a look at the 3 pillar videos right now

You will learn:

Leadership skills to take you/your business to higher levels

Exquisite confidence that sets you apart & makes the competition irrelevant

Venture beyond your comfort zone– write a book, get on TED stages & beyond!

Expand your reach- grow your teams, leave a legacy, make an influence!

Level up your business- earn well into 6 figures & beyond


Unabashed confidence that sets you apart 

Positive results- be seen, heard, remembered, respected– others notice & treat you dif.​

This 3-video series will show you transformational ways to Level Up your confidence right now

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3 videos then...

You are perfect for this group if:

  • You are a woman who is making 6 figures+ or breaking into 6 figures

  • You are a busy professional who is ready to level up your confidence and want a supportive group of other like-minded professionals to collaborate with

  • Feelings of fear/imposter syndrome, rejection, retaliation, low self-esteem sometimes hold you back 

  • When you were younger you were sometimes told you talked too much or you were talked over

  • You have limiting beliefs about the money you can make or the success you can have

  • You want to feel seen, heard & respected at all times!

  • You sometimes struggle to be taken seriously

  • You want to have a competitive advantage in the market and make your competition irrelevant

  • You are tired of being ignored & are ready to be an influencer & leave a legacy!


Outcomes participants in the Level Up Mastermind say they experience:

  • “Exude confidence to be noticed at meetings"

  • “Deliver presentations with confidence"

  • “Streamline the path to speaking, invited to TEDx stages

  • “Respect yourself, be respected in work relationships, & in the world”

  • "Stop people pleasing and establish new boundaries in relationships"


Benefits of small group Level Up MM

  • Hot seat coaching to work with Dara privately

  • Select group of supportive like-minded women to collaborate with

  • Be STAGE & TEDx confident!


Join my inner circle to Level Up your confidence and success... Only 8 women are invited to this group. 

Get access now by clicking here (takes them to acuity link 1hr call w me)

I can Guarantee you the opportunity to your success.



Dara Connolly
Every Woman Deserves to Live Confident, Fearless & Safe.
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