Do you dream of getting on a TEDx stage? 


Entry Level TEDx package

Ideal for clients who want to know how to get to TEDx and are ready to do more of the work on their own.

  • 2-month private TEDx speech coaching (90 min/month)

  • Recorded TEDx training with Q&A

  • Private FB group

  • Step-by-Step TEDx work-book

  • Investment $3K

  • Private password-protected page to access videos



We know you will love this program and once payment is received there are no refunds for partial or unused coaching sessions.


TEDx Formula

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How to Write a Talk

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What is Your Why?

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What is TED & Why You Should Get on It

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How to Prepare Your Talk

 Speech Prep

with Dara Connolly

How to Find Talks

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